Japan Premium Car Survey

May 3, 2008

» Summary

  • 7.2% of households own a luxury brand vehicle.
  • The main impressions of luxury brand vehicles were "High level of safety", "Premium image", and "Quiet engines".
  • The brands with the image most associated with "luxury brands" were Mercedes Benz, BMW, Ferrari, and Porsche.
  • Top car brands
  • Lexus took 9th place in brand recognition
  • Lexus

» Background

  • Survey target: registered users of the internet community 'MyVoice'.
  • Survey method: Web based survey/questionnaire.
  • Survey time period: 2006 March 1-5.
  • Sample size: 16,184.


1. Current state of luxury brand vehicle ownership.
Q. "In your household do you own any luxury vehicles (total cost including tax of more than ¥40,000,000)?"

Current state of luxury brand vehicle ownership

  • 7.2% of households have a luxury brand vehicle.

2. Level of interest in luxury brand vehicles.
Q. Do you have an interest in luxury brand vehicles?

Level of interest in luxury brand vehicles.

  • Just over 1/3 of respondents had a medium to strong level of interest in luxury vehicles.

3. Luxury vehicle image.
Q. Please choose the options which best represent your view of luxury brand vehicles (You may choose more than one option).

Luxury vehicle image

  • The top three images of luxury vehicles in Japan were: Safety - 45.5%, Premium image - 42.2%, and Quiet engine - 41.5%.

4. Luxury vehicle purchasing and purchase information sources.
Q. Please choose the option(s) which apply to you regarding purchasing and purchase information (You may choose more than one option.)

Luxury vehicle purchasing and purchase information sources

  • When it comes to luxury brand vehicles, the vast majority of respondents turn to magazines and articles on their vehicle of interest (17.9%), while 16.3% will go to either a luxury brands website or the makers website.

5. Makers and brands with a luxury image.
Q. Please choose the brands and makers which present an image of being a luxury brand.

Makers and brands with a luxury image

  • Mercedes Benz came out on top with more than 80%, while BMW, Porsche, and Jaguar all had about 60%.

6. Lexus brand recognition.
Q. Do you know much about the Lexus brand?

Lexus brand recognition

  • Awareness of Lexus ("I own a Lexus", "I know of the logo and the car", "I've seen a Lexus") was approximately 90%.

7. Respondent Comments
Q. Describe your impression of or desire for luxury brand vehicles.

  • Male, 39 "Someday I'd like to have a Crown. In a word, they're just fantastic'."
  • Female, 23 "When the James Bond car came out I really wanted it. Whenever I see it I just think it's so cool"
  • Male, 35 "I think of F1 and other motor sports when I think of luxury cars"
  • Female, 29 "When I saw a special report on TV about the Lexus I really thought I'd like to drive one sometime. The Lexus is quiet and without much vibration, and is just really spectacular"
  • Male, 22 "After playing the video game 'Gran Tourismo' I really wanted a high end vehicle"
  • Male, 47 "I wanted one after watching the anime Circuit Wolf"
  • Male, 25 "I remember the Toyota Celsior ads had such a high class image."
  • Female, 41 "I saw the commercials on TV and thought 'aren't they just so environmentally friendly and efficient'."
  • Female, 28 "After seeing some amazing luxury cars at a motor show I quite wanted one."
  • Female, 29 "When I happen to see them out in the street I just think how cool they are"
  • Female, 34 "From when I was a child and saw a cartoon called Super-car boom"

Source: Translated from MyVoice.