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Increasing demand in Japanese market for luxury brand drinks

May 26, 2008

In 2007 Japan's champagne imports increased by 14.43% over the previous year, with more than 9,000,000 bottles brought into the Japanese market. Despite this increase Japan remained in 6th place in the world for champagne imports for the second year in a row, indicating a global increase in demand for champagne.

Internationally champagne is becoming ever more popular, and compared to the previous year the amount shipped around the world has increased by 5.26% to 338,700,000 bottles. These numbers even exceed the previous historical record set by the excitement surrounding the millennium celebrations in 1999 which saw 327,000,000 bottles shipped. Among the top ten importers of champagne, every country in the top ten saw an increase in imports of champagne, with the except of America which was ranked second.

The UK was the top importer with 38,950,000 bottles or a 5.86% increase over the previous year. The market in Japan saw demand for 9,170,000 bottles, coming in right behind Belgium who had 9,994,000. In the previous year (2006) 8,001,000 bottles of champagne were brought into Japan, an increase of more than one million bottles in just one year. In spite of a price hike this year expenditure on champagne is continuing to increase. Consumption of expensive wine has also increased in night spots and foreign hotels, and even in Japanese households.

This increase demand for champagne is not a phenomenon unique only to Japan. Spain, the 8th ranked importer increased their demand by 27.53% to 4,570,000 bottles, Australia (15th) increased by 21.94% to 1,060,000 bottles, and China which took 23rd place imported 650,000 bottles which indicates a 30.04% increase.

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