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Honda's newly designed NSX to lead Acura into the Japanese luxury car market

June 02, 2008

Honda president Takeo Fukui sat down for a brief interview with the Sankei Newspaper recently to discuss current developments for Honda in Japan. The discussion included talk of developments on the newly styled NSX sports car for 2010, and of the plans for the domestic expansion of their luxury Acura brand. The NSX sports car will be released based on technology similar to that developed for Formula One, while the intention with the Acura brand is to position it in the market by promoting it as a luxury brand.

The newly styled NSX is set to lead the way for Acura to expand into the Japanese domestic luxury car market. Regarding this however, President Fukui commented that there would be no point in releasing only one model, and brought up other examples of models which will be likely candidates for release, including a mid-size sedan and a SUV.

Japanese automakers primary market for their luxury brands has mainly been North America, with Toyota's Lexus brand and Nissan's Infinity brand having already developed there. In 2005 Lexus began selling in the Japanese luxury automobile market with their IS-F sports car, with further expansion plans in the works. Acura was also first developed in the North American market and Honda's NSX was very popular during the Bubble Era, and now the successor model is being placed as their flagship model as they expand into the luxury brand automobile market in Japan.

Source: Sankei Newspaper

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