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BMW introduces luxury SUV-style vehicles to the Japanese market

July 02, 2008

BMW Japan has begun taking orders for the latest model of their luxury class 4-wheel drive sports car to be introduced to the Japanese market, the X6. At a press conference in downtown Tokyo BMW President Jesus Cordoba explained about how with this model they are introducing a new category of vehicle to the domestic market, and emphasized it is for customers who are interested in owning a new type of automobile. The new style luxury vehicles are purported to have high fuel efficiency and lowered CO2 output with their 3000cc and 4000cc engines. For the two engine sizes the price will be ¥8,510,000 and ¥10,700,000.

As well, BMW announced recently additions to their premium sport-type line of vehicles. The highly touted M3 series will soon be available for purchase in Japan. The new model features a 7-speed transmission which reduces shift pauses to less than a tenth of a second. Both a sedan and coup version will be available with the sedan will selling for ¥10,200,000 while the coup version will sell for ¥10,500,000.

June 17, Nikkei News

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