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Premium Japanese beef producers setting their sights on Dubai

July 14, 2008

Producers of the very popular variety of premium Japanese beef, Saga Beef, have been strengthening their efforts to promote their product internationally. In particular Saga Beef is being promoted in the Middle East, the third largest market in the world for premium Japanese beef, behind Hong Kong and America. Much attention has been paid to the affluent class there by focusing on luxury resorts such as those in and around Dubai where there is a strong appeal for the premium-end Japanese beef.

Although there are a fair few premium Japanese beef brands, Saga beef is selected from among the very best Japanese Black cattle which have been feed a special diet to fatten them up. It is thought that this overseas attention helps improve the brand's strength in Japan as well. By exporting their brand's premium beef a company can be seen as having a strong brand and can attain a stronger position and brand image than the competition. However exports to the Middle East are still rather low relative to the top two countries with approximately ¥8,300,000 all together this year. As such plans are in the works for an increase in promotional activities to bolster sales including a September food sampling event will be held at a luxury hotel in Dubai for members of the local media to sample Saga Beef.

July 7th 2008. Japan Press Network

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