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Men in Gucci Suits

October 09, 2008

Gucci introduces its new 2008-2009 Fall/Winter line of men's suits. There will be three new styles added to the already superior collection: New Manhattan, Tribeca, and Signoria.

Gucci's newest suits

Ironically, the history behind Gucci suits is rather long, and is still developing. It began in London, making its way through Milan and Naples, finally reaching Paris where the concept was taken full-scale. These days the suits are being ordered by New York's finest fashion institutes. More than anything, aside from the mode-line items, an exclusive tailored suits selection closet exists, exemplifying the opinion that an obsession with these types of luxury suite can become quite ordinary for some.

Each new suit is designed and crafted by a suit authority stylist. Each V-zone and necktie is also specially designed to match the different suit label. The New Manhattan label distinguishes itself with a higher than normal neck region for their semi-white spread shirts. The Signoria and Tribeca models use cleric shirt designs. Their coordinated neckties are Gucci's signature design, Crest. Each line utilizes slim-fit shortened suit pants. Another brand, "Kyoto", is used for their shoes and long socks, a perfect match for the Gucci collection.

October 10, 2008 Web Magazine Openers

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