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Top Italian and cosmetic brand lands in Japan

October 30, 2008

Comfort Zone, one of Italy's top beauty spa and cosmetic brands, announced it would be launching in Japan on October 27, as "Comfort Japan." Comfort Zone shops and products are planned for introduction into numerous department stores, spa retailers, and resorts within Japan in the coming months.

According to brand officials, the "Comfort Zone" name is intended to connote total inner and outer peace, and a complete sense of beauty. The overall objective of the brand is to introduce users to a new lifestyle infused with Italian taste via its products.

Already recognized as an industry leader in Europe, "Comfort Zone" was formally recognized in 2006 one of the region's highest quality cosmetic products manufactures. In 2008, the brand also received Sweden's "Beauty and Cosmetics" award, and its "Skin Defender ExtraCcream" product range was recognized as a "best product." Since the brand's birth less than 10 years ago, it has become recognized as one of the highest quality cosmetics providers in the industry.

"Comfort Zone" products are currently available in over 40 countries. With the brand's launch in Japan, its basic skin care, troubled skin care, body care, and men's care products will be made in available in Asia for the first time.

In Japan, the brand will first be available at the Westin Tokyo's "Le Spa Parisian", where 3 facial and 9 body products are to be introduced.

October 30, 2008 Expo News

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