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Vivienne Westwood Opens Tokyo Men's-Only Shop

October 30, 2008

British fashion brand, Vivienne Westwood opened a new flagship men's only shop in Aoyama, Tokyo on October 16, 2008. The new concept store is uniquely designed, drawing inspiration from the British landmark Stonehenge.

Influence stemming from past and present concepts of masculinity as well as overall men's fashion act as important design sources for the new Vivienne Westwood concept.

Inside the store itself, masculine influences are emphasized in the form of various colors and clothing materials. The gray cement floor connotes a rough, industrial feeling and the polished silver railings compliment and enhance the architectural beauty of the building.

Other traditional Vivienne Westwood design elements are also incorporated at the new store. For example the brand's signature blue and gray coloring radiates throughout it. Similar to the the brand's ladies flagship store in Tokyo, the silver railings in the new men's shop are also detachable and can be completely removed very quickly, lending the appearance and feeling of a movie set. The interior of the store can thus effectively be altered on a whim.

To emphasize the studio-type mood of the store, large-scale portraits and runway photos are canvassed and hung throughout providing shoppers with the feeling of being present at a live fashion show.

October 30, 2008 Web Openers Fashion News

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