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Gucci Café's Tart Heart Special Menu

November 06, 2008

The Gucci Cafe is on the fourth floor of the Gucci building in Tokyo's Ginza district. Located on the 19th floor, the cafe is designed for individuals to enjoy a luxurious break during their shopping. In preparation for the holiday season, the cafe will introduce a new limited term menu from November 19. The limited term menu includes special items inspired by Gucci's newest collection, including a "Pistachio Latte" with cream accompanied by heart-shaped strawberry tarts.

Another item on the menu, the "Gucci Cappuccino," is equally exquisite and features the name "Gucci" inscribed in chocolate on top. The combination of cream and chocolate in the beverage is designed to engulf customers' taste buds with the warm bliss of the holiday season. The beverage is also accompanied with heart-shaped tarts.

A third notable item on the menu includes an original "Gucci Cocktail." The full recipe is not released, however, Italian alcohols are mixed with additional flavorings to create a bold new flavor. Red coloring is also added to the drink to enhance its holiday cheer.

Web Magazine Openers- Gucci News November 6, 2008

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