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Mercedes-Benz AMG Performance Centers Planned for Japan

December 11, 2008

On November 26, Daimler announced plans to open exclusive showrooms for the AMG versions of Mercedes Benz automobiles. More than 175 of the new AMG showrooms are planned for 15 countries, including Japan. AMG is the luxury, high-performance extension of Mercedes Benz, and the new AMG "Performance Centers" will specialize in the sales and maintenance of AMG vehicles. With luxury as a central theme, the performance centers will aim to offer customers the highest level of service possible for their exclusive vehicles.

Within the AMG showrooms, the AMG brand identity will be represented throughout, with brand design elements noticeable all the way down to the furniture and interior furnishings. In addition to the vehicles displayed, specially trained staff will be present to attend to all types of customer needs and inquiries. A special purchase program has also been created to insure customers are able to choose any desired interior and exterior color combination, in order to further personalize their exclusive vehicle.

The opportunity to come into contact with AMG's full product range at one location should prove to be a rare joy for serious enthusiasts. For example, visitors should have the opportunity to view rare, limited edition AMG products, such as the new AMG-IWC collaboration SL63, soon after their release.

By the end of 2009, AMG Performance Centers will be introduced in key markets including Germany, the United States, China, Japan and 11 other countries for a total of 175 locations worldwide.

December 12, 2008 Response

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